How to Choose an Adult Electric Bicycle

Are you tired of driving long distances or finding parking space difficult in the city? An adult electric bicycle might just be what’s needed to help get around town more conveniently. Keep reading to gain more knowledge on this novel way of transportation!

Pedal-powered e-bikes provide moderate to vigorous physical activity and can reach speeds up to 28 mph. Class 1 models feature pedal assist up to 20 mph while some also provide throttle-powered modes.

Pedal Assist

Pedal assist is an innovative feature of e-bikes that allows riders to adjust the amount of effort required when pedaling. The motor provides additional assistance while pedaling, helping avoid sore leg feelings after long rides and saving battery energy at the same time. You can easily change between low and high power levels via handlebar control; just beware: selecting higher settings means more energy will be consumed from your battery faster!

A pedal-assist electric bicycle may come equipped with multiple settings that vary in terms of how much assistance they offer. If you need just a bit of extra boost for casual cruising, selecting a low level pedal assist mode might do just the trick; alternatively if tackling steep hills requires additional help or you require some extra power then consider choosing higher level pedal assist settings instead.

No matter which setting you choose, the motor will only activate when actively pedaling, helping avoid throttle use and conserve battery power. Furthermore, it will cut out when no longer pedaling is detected to protect against freewheeling down hills or on technical terrain – although you may opt to temporarily turn off this pedal-assist feature by using either your brake lever or handlebar controls.

Throttle Control

Electric bikes offer an enjoyable way to travel, yet can prove difficult for those without extensive cycling experience. Accidents and falls are all too frequent even at lower speeds.

As such, it’s vital that you seek a pedal-assist model equipped with throttle control – this feature utilizes feedback sensors to track pedaling activity and throttle position to prevent erratic behavior from the rider.

Electronic throttle controls employ closed loop sensors to ensure their system doesn’t go off course. The acceleration pedal position sensor and throttle position sensor (which measures the position of butterfly valve spindle) send input to an ECU that interprets it and activates an actuator which opens and closes the throttle plate accordingly. Output voltage from these two sensors are then used against reference input; any discrepancies between where users desire and where it actually is will prompt it to adjust via closed-loop algorithm to fix it.

If throttle jerkiness is becoming an issue for you or just looking to enhance overall driving comfort, an iDrive throttle controller offers an effective and simple solution to add pedal-assist control and tailor it according to your specific requirements. These throttle controllers require no tools or professional electrical expertise – making installation straightforward!

Three-Wheel Bikes

Biking can be an enjoyable, low-impact exercise that can strengthen both heart health and weight loss. But riding two-wheeled bikes requires balance, skill and flexibility. For adults with mobility issues who would benefit more from three-wheeled bikes, three-wheeled models may provide better options.

An electric bike with three wheels that is lightweight, easily maneuverable and equipped with wide, padded saddle and easy-to-use disc brakes that provide plenty of stopping power is ideal. Furthermore, it should feature a spacious rear basket which can carry groceries, clothing or personal belongings.

Lectric XP Trike offers the ideal electric tricycle solution for adults weighing under 80 pounds. Equipped with a 350W motor that ensures a smooth ride, five levels of pedal assist and a twist throttle to provide power as needed, this electric bike can navigate hills and bumpy terrain while remaining stable enough for city use.

While more advanced trikes may allow riders to drift and slide, these types of bikes aren’t appropriate for daily riding or commuting. To ride an adult tricycle regularly and commute efficiently, look for one with a 250 watt motor; this size is often popular among seniors as it provides enough assistance and exercise while still allowing you to control acceleration with your throttle.


Consider where you plan to use your e-trike most when selecting an adult model e-trike, such as Evelo’s Compass with its comfortable upright riding position and powerful 500W mid-drive motor that delivers acceleration and hill climb capability, 4-year warranty coverage, and easy assembly as you search for an e-trike suitable for adult use.

If you’re new to riding an electric tricycle, start in an open parking lot. That way, you can practice maneuvering around obstacles without fear of losing control or hurting yourself. As soon as you feel more confident with riding the trike on challenging paths or roads.

As you learn to ride an E-trike, make sure you wear a helmet and remain visible to pedestrians and other cyclists. Since an E-trike sits low to the ground, it may be difficult for others to see you coming; reflective clothing or installing bells/horns onto your bike are great ways to increase its visibility and stay visible to everyone around.

E-trikes provide an enjoyable way to explore the great outdoors or run errands. E-trikes can also be beneficial to older individuals with limited body balance and muscle strength who wish to remain active and socialize with friends while staying mobile.

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