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Lithium Ion Battery Fires

Lithium ion battery fires often start with their highly combustible electrolyte liquid igniting inside its cells if damaged, shorted, overcharged or overheated. Fires caused by ruptured cells can be difficult to put out. Therefore, having working smoke alarms on all levels and practicing an escape plan are of vital importance in order to save lives …

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Lithium Battery on Plane

Lithium batteries present a fire hazard on airplanes if handled incorrectly, prompting airlines to implement stringent regulations about which devices may be taken onto flights. Airline safety teams conduct multiple checks on lithium battery packs prior to each flight. This may involve visual inspections, testing procedures and documentation. Safety Batteries powering laptops, cell phones, digital …

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Benefits of a Lithium RV Battery

Lithium RV batteries offer superior efficiency and provide deeper depth of discharge than their lead acid counterparts, while being faster-charging capable and resistant to off-gassing and freezing temperatures. Lithium RV batteries utilize new lithium iron phosphate technology that is both non-combustible and safe for RVers. Furthermore, their lifespan exceeds traditional lead acid batteries by more …

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The Advantages of Lithium AA Batteries

Lithium batteries consistently outperformed their alkaline counterparts in our tests of flashlight and toy battery performance, as well as providing backup power for equipment located in remote locations or jobsites that do not have direct electricity access. Lithium ion batteries store energy by moving ions between electrodes for charging and discharging purposes. This technology was …

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CR123A Lithium Batteries

CR123A batteries are high-powered 3V lithium batteries designed for use in various small electronics, such as tactical equipment. Furthermore, they operate efficiently over a wide temperature range. As opposed to some other battery types, lithium batteries cannot be recharged and must be discarded when their charge has run down. Any attempts at charging can cause …

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AA Lithium Battery

AA lithium batteries are ideal for devices that need reliable and long-lasting power, providing a steady 1.5V discharge current that can last for 10 years without ever losing capacity. Lithium AA cells differ from alkaline or zinc-manganese batteries in that they don’t present reduced capacity under load; making them the ideal choice for high-powered devices …

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How to Choose the Best LiFePO4 Lithium Battery for Medical Equipment

LiFePO4 lithium batteries designed specifically to power medical equipment should have enough energy to run your device for extended use, with high charge/discharge cycles to ensure continued optimal functioning over extended use periods. These batteries feature high safety performance and low internal resistance; furthermore, their cycle life exceeds traditional lead-acid batteries. It has good safety …

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Choosing the Right Lithium Battery Charger

LiFePO4 batteries require regular charging for optimal longevity, and understanding how to select and select an appropriate lithium battery charger is key in their upkeep. Consumer and lead acid battery chargers typically charge batteries to their maximum voltage, which stresses their lithium chemistry and reduces life span. Instead, specialized lithium battery chargers offer an incremental …

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