Yamaha Pedal Assist Electric Bicycles

Since releasing its inaugural electric bicycle in 1993, Yamaha Motor has led this unique market forward.

Yamaha’s system delivers a quick and large surge of power to the pedals when pressure is applied, giving an invincible feeling when ascending tough trail climbs.

Pedal Assist

Yamaha has long been recognized for their bikes and pianos, but their pedal assist systems have become increasingly popular for e-bikes. Yamaha offers pedal assist systems featuring mid-drive motors to operate an existing chain while an additional thru-axle hub motor powers rear wheel for all-wheel drive performance ideal for off-road riding and easier control of their bike. Their compact motors are very powerful yet can easily be serviced at workshops; additionally they come with a competitive three-year warranty so buyers know they stand behind their product.

This system uses four sensors to continuously track bike’s speed, power output and pedaling behavior in order to tailor pedal assist according to riding conditions and detect inclines for optimized assistance. Furthermore, an Automatic mode automatically selects the ideal power mode for climbing, descending and braking when necessary.

The unit’s interface is user-friendly, featuring an easy-to-read display and colourful LEDs to indicate your current mode. There are five modes to choose from -+ECO, ECO+, STD, HIGH and EXPW; EXPW provides more assistance at the top of your pedal stroke than at its base for easier climbing of hills more quickly and with reduced effort.


Yamaha first developed their prototype electric bicycle back in 1989 and have since sold drive units to industry leaders like Haibike and Giant, providing drive units at competitive rates. Today they also provide their own complete line of e-bikes backed by an industry leading three year warranty.

These new bikes from Yamaha are intended to appeal to a broader segment of the e-bike market by providing affordable performance. Equipped with Yamaha’s PW-X3 motor that delivers up to 28mph pedal assist and five power modes. Their 500Wh battery provides excellent function, reliability and protection – perfect for everyday riding conditions!

All four models feature durable components and quality construction appropriate to their prices, though their battery designs could use some aesthetic upgrades when compared with more costly competitors. For instance, Yamaha uses what they refer to as a dual twin frame to combine shock absorber and battery in one space – this may seem a little awkward but does work sufficiently.

Yamaha’s new electric bikes are an exciting addition to the ever-evolving market for electric bike sales, offering unique styles and performances which are sure to please mountain bikers looking for fast, fun, and cost-effective ways to hit the trail.


Yamaha may conjure images of motorcycles, but this company also produces pedal-assist electric bicycles for some time now. Their pedal assist system is top notch; with sensors monitoring pedaling power and speed as well as pedal cadence to give just the right amount of assistance on every hill. Utilizing this feature makes for enjoyable hill climbing!

The Civante E-road bike features Yamaha’s innovative PWSeries SE center mount drive unit, capable of reaching speeds up to 28mph. Its integrated design enables a lower center of gravity and enhanced handling while its 500 Watt-hour lithium ion battery pack ensures reliable energy sources for extended use.

This e-bike features an elegant and contemporary aesthetic, setting it apart from other electric bicycles. A large LCD display keeps an eye on vehicle metrics and allows users to adjust power mode settings – including maximum power mode suitable for mountain biking – standard power, eco and eco plus modes as well as an automatic setting which switches through them depending on terrain or other variables.

Yamaha hopes their latest system will draw in newcomers to electric bikes, entering a market which has seen doubled sales from 2016-2017 alone. Their aim is to enable those unable to ride traditional bicycles to exercise more frequently through this novel way of cycling.


Two years ago, Yamaha stunned the industry with their groundbreaking YDX-MORO full suspension electric mountain bikes. Their eye-catching Dual Twin frame design features split top tubes and down tubes as well as not one but two motors each equipped with their own batteries for longer rides between charges.

This year, Yamaha is back with an even more impressive offering to advance bike technology to new levels. Their CrossCore e-bike comes equipped with an impressive 500 Wh Lithium Ion battery integrated into an aluminum frame for ease of transport and an efficient and smooth-riding motor that helps riders reach speeds up to 28mph with pedal assistance.

The motor is a PW-X3 middrive unit, offering up to 85Nm of torque at cadences of 170rpm depending on which riding mode is chosen. There are five ride-based power modes (ECO, EV, MTB and EXPW) which adapt the amount of power delivered according to cadence and terrain conditions.

Interface X, mounted to the handlebar and featuring a large display with plenty of functional information, features a thumb shifter to switch between modes as well as showing how much energy remains in the battery. Furthermore, this control system boasts low standover height and can accommodate a dropper post for easy use.

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