Electric Bicycles For Sale

Ebike sales exploded during the COVID-19 pandemic and are back on the rise again now. Ebikes use motors to assist pedaling, with some models also featuring throttle controls for added control.

E-bikes can serve as an equalizer if your friends and family all possess differing fitness levels. Furthermore, they make an ideal way for novice riders to discover mountain biking or commuter riding.


E-bikes (commonly referred to as e bikes) provide extra power behind each pedal stroke so you can ride longer, climb steeper hills, and experience cycling like never before. Ideal for use on challenging terrain and suitable for riders of all ages and ability levels; perfect for commuters or running errands around town alike!

Electric bicycles for sale come in various styles to fit different riding environments and needs. Folding e-bikes, which can fit into city commuter cars easily, budget models that offer affordability without compromising performance, as well as fat tire e-bikes that offer stability and traction on various terrains are available on sale today.

An e-bike’s motor varies depending on its model; some bikes feature front motors while others employ rear or mid-drive motors. Typically, more powerful motors tend to cost more.

No matter the purpose, our range of urban e-bikes offer comfort, stability and performance in one sleek package – ideal for commuters to work or mountaineers taking on challenging paths. Check out Electra e-bikes to experience unparalleled riding pleasure – these sophisticated designs combine comfort, stability and performance seamlessly!

Battery life

Most electric bikes feature a lithium-ion battery for powering their motor. While these batteries do have a limited lifespan, proper use and maintenance can extend it significantly. To extend its life further, keep the bike in manual mode to reduce stress on the battery; additionally using quality chargers as well as avoiding extreme temperatures can maximize performance from your battery pack.

Lithium-ion batteries for e-bikes come in two varieties, lithium-ion and lithium-polymer. Both batteries offer comparable energy density and performance; however, lithium-polymer offers superior weight/power ratio and more durability compared to its counterpart.

Manufacturers typically provide recommendations for how long and when you should charge and discharge an electric bicycle battery. Rad Power Bikes suggests keeping it below 100% charge; Trek and Bosch suggest 75-90%. Furthermore, always use an appropriate battery charger with your electric bicycle – using off-brand chargers may damage its lifespan or shorten its useful lifespan.

Other factors that can determine a battery’s lifespan include rider weight, riding conditions and how well it’s taken care of. While higher quality batteries will usually outlive lower quality ones, it’s impossible to know when yours may need replacing or will die; thankfully there are tools available that track its lifespan and indicate when replacement may be necessary.


Electric bikes provide all of the same joy and fitness benefits of traditional bicycles while adding some unique safety features that should be understood. Read and study your manual, familiarize yourself with all pedal assist modes, conduct a pre-ride safety inspection and ensure all components of your bike can withstand splashes of water.

An essential aspect of riding an e-bike safely is wearing an appropriately quality helmet. Your head is the crown jewel, so protecting it is of the utmost importance. A high-quality helmet will help to safeguard against falls or collisions at higher speeds that many e-bikes reach; additionally, look for ones certified by an established standards and safety criteria company.

Battery capacity and durability should also be taken into consideration when searching for an e-bike. Most come equipped with high-capacity lithium-ion batteries which provide long run-times while needing minimal maintenance; sealed cells prevent leaks or damages so will outlive other types of batteries. Many brands integrate their battery directly into the frame for sleeker looks while some even feature lockable systems that enable you to remove packs for theft prevention or removal if desired – however keep in mind a removable pack may make transport difficult, therefore for travel planning an e-bike should opt for something lighter such as an integrated model instead.


Costing of electric bikes will depend on their motor size and type as well as brand. Generally, larger motors tend to cost more than their smaller counterparts. Furthermore, battery brands like Bosch or Shimano can make a big difference; but you may also find high quality bikes using Bafang or other non-branded systems.

Design of an eBike can have an effect on its price. Some bikes feature hidden or integrated batteries to lower overall cost; however, these may lack key features such as disc brakes and suspension forks. Others feature more prominent batteries at an increased cost but still provide excellent riding experiences.

Pedego’s extensive dealer network boasts more than 200 dealers that specialize in helping find you your ideal bike at an affordable cost. Furthermore, our 5-year warranty on our entire lineup stands as testament to quality craftsmanship and service you can expect when purchasing from Pedego.

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