Dakota Lithium Batteries

Dakota lithium batteries combine the strength of lithium chemistry and North Dakota resilience for long-lasting power solutions that are perfect for camping and off-grid energy needs.

These batteries have the capability of charging faster than traditional options, making them an excellent option for RV, camper van, and marine applications.

LiFePO4 technology

Dakota Lithium batteries utilize LiFePO4 technology for superior power capacity and longer lifespan compared to traditional lead-acid alternatives, while also being more energy efficient and less environmental hazardous, making them the smart choice for off-grid solutions.

These batteries are purpose built for multiple uses and applications, including off-grid power systems, golf carts and marine electronics. Their versatile designs enable reliable operation in various environments – even harsh marine ones! Their integrated charge monitoring capability helps avoid overcharging, deep discharge and other common issues while their stable voltage output make them perfect for powering high demand devices.

This battery features an impressive 640 Amp Hour capacity, enough to replace up to 12 AGM or lead acid batteries. It features internal even-heat technology for optimal performance under extreme temperatures, along with CAN bus and NMEA communication options for multiple uses.

LiFePO4 technology allows LiFePO4 batteries to recharge more quickly than traditional ones, giving users more time outdoors without fearing a sudden power drain or potential loss of charge. This feature can be particularly valuable when used for outdoor recreational equipment like trolling motors or portable electronics.

Longer lifespan batteries mean less overall waste and environmental impact, complementing eco-conscious consumer practices and aligning with trends toward reduced consumption of resources like lead acid batteries. Furthermore, their nontoxic materials make them safer and more eco-friendly alternatives than their lead counterparts.


Lithium iron phosphate batteries are lighter and deliver twice the power with half of the weight compared to traditional lead-acid ones, making them a much more versatile battery option suitable for various applications – whether upgrading a golf cart or building an off-grid cabin, these lithium iron phosphate batteries are an ideal way to power both.

These lithium batteries are specifically designed to withstand harsh and demanding environments, withstanding up to 3,000 discharge cycles – more than the typical SLA battery can handle! Furthermore, their flat voltage curve ensures full power output throughout their discharge cycles resulting in longer lifespan and higher efficiency compared to traditional lithium batteries.

DL batteries are engineered to the highest safety standards. Each one features an active BMS that monitors internal temperatures and other conditions to ensure peak performance and longevity. In addition, their ISO 9001:2015 compliance adds another level of quality assurance and safety.

These batteries are also extremely convenient to work with; you can quickly plug or unplug them and most chargers that charge lithium batteries will accommodate them. However, for optimal results use a charger designed specifically to charge lithium batteries as older chargers could potentially damage them and shorten their lifespan.

Environmentally friendly batteries that do not release harmful gases during discharge. Furthermore, these energy-efficient alternatives to lead-acid are significantly quieter, making them the perfect solution for applications requiring quiet power such as RVing or off-grid cabin living. These batteries will ensure you remain powered all day long!


Dakota Lithium batteries provide reliable and clean energy that ensures smooth sailing for an RV on an ocean voyage or supporting solar-powered homesteads in remote wilderness settings. Their field maintenance-friendly design makes them suitable for handling heavy load applications for reliable performance even under challenging circumstances.

Batteries designed specifically to reduce charge cycles and maintenance needs can lower operating costs significantly while offering greater resilience against vibration and shock damage, providing peace of mind to drivers who spend considerable time on the road.

Energy density at its finest! Replace two 100Ah lead-acid batteries with this 640Ah model and gain six times as much usable power. Equipped with internal even-heat charging technology for use in extreme cold, as well as CAN bus communication ports so your smart power systems can connect.

With a flat discharge voltage curve, DL batteries provide consistent power to electronics and trolling motors for extended run times. Ideal for golf carts, electric vehicles or any application where prolonged power supply is essential.

Marine users love these batteries because of their lightweight construction, increasing efficiency. Their lightweight construction also optimizes weight distribution for improved stability and manoeuvrability on the water. Furthermore, these corrosion-resistant batteries make an excellent choice for numerous marine applications – supporting accessories and equipment such as GPS trackers and radar – along with charging quickly and easily compared to traditional lead acid batteries.

Off-grid energy solutions

Dakota Lithium batteries are designed to offer both energy independence and efficiency, making them perfect for off-grid power applications. Their robust construction allows them to withstand challenging conditions while still providing consistent, stable power delivery for extended periods. Furthermore, these eco-conscious batteries contain no toxic lead or acid components – helping drive green consumer practices in this regard.

Dakota Lithium batteries offer more versatility than their traditional counterparts, capable of both starting engines and deep cycle applications. Their lighter weight makes them an excellent choice for marine applications where performance and stability are essential. Plus, their rapid charging feature comes in handy during trips where multiple recharges may be necessary during one journey.

These batteries offer exceptional performance at an extremely cost-effective price, offering twice the power and half of the weight of sealed lead acid or AGM batteries, lasting four times longer and being suitable for many different applications, including RVs, camper vans and off-grid applications. They’re a top pick among RV enthusiasts!

Enjoy your travels by powering your RV, small cabin, truck and trailer with 200Ah Dakota Lithium batteries and Zamp Solar panels from Zamp – our #1 kit for mid-sized RVs, Camper Vans, Trucks and boats.

Marine applications

Batterys serve two critical roles on a boat: starting the engine and powering all electrical loads. They must deliver high amounts of energy over an extended period without overcharging or underdischarging, making lithium batteries ideal for marine applications where reliability is key.

Lithium-ion batteries are designed to offer longer cycle lives than their lead acid counterparts, saving both money and maintenance expenses in terms of replacement frequency. Furthermore, lithium batteries weigh significantly less and are easier to manage and install due to being lighter weight alternatives.

Dakota Lithium batteries provide engine starting power of 1,000 cold cranking amps while offering exceptional deep cycle battery performance. Offering up to twice the run time of traditional batteries, Dakota Lithiums are perfect for emergency backup or off-grid solar applications requiring longer runtimes than traditional ones. Their internal even-heat technology helps prevent overcharging or short circuiting damage and short circuiting.

These batteries can be wired in series for 24V and 36V systems, or paralleled together to double capacity. Plus, they come backed by an industry-leading 11 year warranty!

Built Dakota-tough, this 12V lithium battery provides reliable power for trolling motors throughout the day. Utilizing Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePo4) technology, this 12V battery offers twice the power, half weight and four times longer lifespan than standard sealed lead acid batteries. Boasting a flat discharge voltage curve and quick recharge rate rate; it makes an excellent back up battery for RVs, campers or solar systems alike.

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