Vivi Electric Bicycle Review

With its powerful motor, this bicycle allows you to safely ascend steep inclines without overexerting yourself. Plus, its Low or Mid power mode enables it to handle flat terrain just as effectively.

This electric bicycle offers features usually reserved for more expensive bikes, such as front and rear disc brakes, 21 total gears and a bright front headlamp.

Powerful 350W motor

The Vivi electric bicycle utilizes a powerful 350W motor that makes tackling inclines effortless, as well as three pedal assist modes to maximize your ride experience. Furthermore, its 48V 7.8Ah removable battery provides up to 30 miles of riding per charge making this an ideal option for commuters and travelers.

The VIVI e-bike comes almost fully assembled, making assembly straightforward and ready to ride immediately. Just add saddle, seat post and handlebars; all necessary tools are included to complete this task effortlessly.

Vivi offers several models of its electric bikes to meet various riding needs and preferences, from commuter models to full mountain bikes. Their most basic model, known as the Vivi E-Bike, features a 26″ frame with tires sized 26″, an 800W motor and 7-speed Shimano drivetrain; front and rear disc brakes offer exceptional stopping power while offering a smooth riding experience.

Vivi’s removable battery is another incredible asset, which can be taken anywhere and charged from any source – at home or work! One charge provides enough assistance for 30 miles of assisted cycling! Furthermore, its lightweight frame makes the Vivi more portable.

Lithium-ion batteries typically offer between 500 to 900 charge cycles before degrading, making the Vivi battery very durable for everyday transportation needs and errands. Furthermore, its rear rack and headlight make your rides even easier!

The Vivi is equipped with an innovative electric motor designed to be as silent as possible and easily switched on/off by pressing its power meter button. In addition, its various working modes – normal bike mode, cruise control mode and throttle mode – as well as adjustable seat and handlebars ensure riders remain comfortable during long rides.

Pedal assist mode

Vivi’s electric bicycle features a pedal assist mode that enables riders to pedal faster and harder, helping you conquer steep hills more efficiently while limiting overexertion during rides. Furthermore, this mode gives riders complete freedom over their rides without depending on a motor for power.

Powering this bike’s battery with a 350-watt motor, its battery can transport you up to 20 miles on one charge – plenty for most commuters to navigate city streets with ease. Removable and easily replaceable batteries come equipped with digital displays showing their mode and remaining power levels.

As soon as you’re ready to ride, simply insert the charged battery into its holder located inside of the frame down tube and press and hold the power button located on its bottom to activate its motor. Lights on its surface will also indicate which mode you are currently in (low, mid, or high), along with how much battery power remains.

Manual mode is also an ideal option for beginners looking to ease into cycling, with no pedaling exertions required to turn it on. Furthermore, battery can also power a headlamp: turning it on can be accomplished by pressing and holding “+” button located near the bike’s power meter on its right side.

The VIVI 26 inch electric bicycle is an excellent option for anyone who’s looking to commute around town or embark on long bike rides. Featuring a sturdy frame, reliable brakes, 21 total speeds, three working modes and kickstand functionality; plus front/rear fenders and bell.

One drawback of this e-bike is its absence of a pump; if you plan on regularly using it, investing in one may be essential to maintaining tire inflation and performance degradation due to battery drain. Furthermore, for optimal performance it would be wise to purchase an upgrade with higher voltage battery capacity.

Battery life

The Vivi electric bicycle boasts an impressive battery life that can cover approximately 30 miles on one charge – more than enough for daily commutes and holiday excursions alike. Furthermore, its pedal assist mode makes riding uphill easier while its lightweight frame makes for effortless control and maneuvering.

This bike features an easily transportable removable battery with an integrated charger that makes plugging it in quick and simple; plus its light indicator lets you know when charging is complete; once fully charged, this indicator will turn off automatically.

This eBike boasts a durable frame and reliable brakes, 21 total speeds, pedal assist mode and comes complete with front and rear fenders, headlamp and kickstand. Furthermore it comes in both step-over and step-through configurations and has a padded saddle capable of supporting riders up to 330lbs – the only drawback being its heavy weight; some users have reported issues when attaching pedals.

When it’s time to use your Vivi electric bike, simply press either of its power buttons located on either of its batteries: either on their underside (small red power button) or center power button on handlebar power meter – then select your mode: Low, Mid or High from Low to Mid Power Meter display of handlebars’ power meter handlebar power meters will indicate how much battery charge remains and display how much energy remains within them (power meter display).

One of the key things to keep in mind when using a Vivi electric bike is not overcharging or discharging its battery, as this could damage both its motor and battery and shorten its lifespan. To ensure optimal performance and to prevent overcharge or discharge damage to either, always maintain between 50% and 80% capacity when not using. It is best to charge it after each use and never let it completely run down; doing this will prolong its lifespan and increase efficiency; once completed charging, unplug its charger as soon as your bike has finished charging; doing this will prolong both its lifespan as well as efficiency compared to leaving its charger plugged for too long!


Range is an integral factor when selecting an electric bicycle, as its effectiveness depends on battery size and capacity as well as your power usage patterns. Different ebike models can cover more distance than others; thus it’s essential that you understand exactly how far one charge can take you. In order to get maximum range from your electric bicycle’s range, good riding habits should be observed and lower power modes should be utilized when ascending hills.

Higher power settings can increase an ebike’s speed, so be mindful of its ability to reach. Be sure to familiarize yourself with local speed limits before riding your ebike; check the Vivi electric bike boasts a powerful 350W motor which easily keeps up with other cyclists while disc brakes provide added safety and control – its lightweight design allows easy handling even on steep hills!

Vivi’s battery can last for up to 30 miles on one full charge, though this may not be sufficient for long distance trips. They suggest using your ebike for shorter commutes and keep its charge around 80%; for extended trips they recommend carrying an extra battery or solar charger as backup.

Adjust the power settings and shift mechanical gears accordingly to extend your range on a Vivi electric bike, and set up a front headlight to help see where you are heading; easily find them at local bike shops, as well as purchasing aftermarket versions specifically made for an ebike.

A vivi electric bicycle is an eco-friendly alternative to driving that provides quiet, reliable performance at an affordable price. With 21 speeds and three pedal assist modes as well as its convenient removable battery pack, vivi’s electric bikes make an eco-friendly transportation solution.

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