Vivi 26 Inch Electric Bicycle Review

The Vivi 26″ electric bicycle is one of the most cost-effective eBikes available today, easy to assemble, stylish, and equipped with three pedal assist modes and a throttle.

Start out riding without using the motor, gradually switching it on before going up to Mid and High speeds for added speed. This way, you’ll have time to practice using brakes and derailleurs before turning on your motor for extra speed.


Vivi’s electric bikes are built for comfort and user-friendliness, featuring a handlebar-mounted throttle, pedal assist button that activates motor when pressed, power meter that displays remaining battery power and pedal assist mode settings for Low, Medium or High depending on terrain type and personal preference.

The bike’s frame can also be folded flat for easy transport and storage, making it an excellent option for commuters using public transportation or living in spaces with limited space. Furthermore, this bike comes equipped with front and rear fenders, LED headlights, horn and the ability to customize its seat height based on body type or size – perfect for the urban rider!

On a full charge, the VIVI 26 inch electric bicycle can cover up to 30 miles on flat terrain when riding in its Low mode; however, its range will depend on which mode you select (Low, Medium or High), the terrain you cycle over and other factors. If you plan on cycling long distances on your eBicycle it would be wise to invest in a high-quality air pump for optimal tire inflation as well as regularly cleaning and lubricating its chain, checking brakes and adjusting derailleurs.


Vivi electric bicycles are designed for maximum comfort, reliability, and safety, making them suitable for various terrain and weather conditions. Their front suspension helps smooth out bumpy roads to enhance ride quality; furthermore, the integrated headlight makes seeing where you’re heading easy.

When its battery dies, another great advantage of the Vivi is that it can still be pedaled like any ordinary bicycle – perfect for long distance riders who find themselves with no more juice left in their Vivi. By this way, if your ride ends prematurely and your battery goes dead, pedaling your way home won’t waste precious time or energy!

The Vivi is designed with a larger battery that can be removed easily without disassembling the bike, as well as front suspension and mechanical disc brakes to enhance safety. With its powerful motor and lightweight frame, this bike makes an excellent option for recreational or commuter riding.

The Vivi features a convenient power button on its handlebar to quickly toggle between three working modes – throttle mode for steep inclines, pedal assist mode for flatter terrain such as hills or flat terrain, pedal assist mode for flat terrain or hilly terrain and regular bike mode for normal and hilly terrain. Furthermore, its front suspension helps absorb bumps or potholes along the road surface.


The Vivi F26F electric bicycle stands out as one of the best-looking and easiest-to-use electric bikes on the market, designed for around-town riding and commuters who are looking to save time while getting exercise. Packed with features usually found only on higher priced models – including an electric pedal assist mode, full throttle feature, front headlamp and rear kickstand – it makes riding fun again!

The Vivi’s high-speed 500W brushless motor provides more than enough power for climbing hills or other obstacles, producing less heat than lower-wattage models and making riding more comfortable for riders.

This model is tailored to be comfortable for riders of varying heights and fitness levels, featuring adjustable handlebars and seat so riders can find their optimal riding position quickly and easily. Padded saddle and front suspension have also been integrated for maximum rider comfort.

This bike features both front and rear disc brakes for optimal safety, 21 total speeds, three modes of pedal assistance and a throttle for easy keeping up with fast friends or climbing steep inclines.

Vivi is equipped with an easy-to-use front headlamp connected to its battery/motor that’s pre-wired for activation by pressing its red power button on the left side of its power meter. Simply press it once to get lighting!


Vivi electric bikes feature an array of safety features, such as dual disc brakes and a suspension system to ensure they can handle various terrain and riding conditions without losing control. Furthermore, these bikes boast 21 speeds with pedal assist to make riding more efficient; additionally they are lightweight, easy to handle, provide smooth and quiet rides and feature pedal-assist mode pedal assist technology for increased pedal efficiency.

No matter where life leads you, the Vivi E Bike can make getting there faster a breeze. Boasting an impressive motor that reaches up to 28 mph and an efficient design that reduces gas use while reducing environmental impact, plus high-quality components for long term dependability and durability.

This eBicycle boasts a battery that can take you 30 miles on a single charge, offering pedal assist mode or regular cycling experiences. Equipped with headlamp and fenders to keep riders safe on the ride and front/rear suspension for easier navigation on uneven roads, this bike makes an excellent addition.

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