The Benefits of an Electric Bicycle Kit

An e-bike conversion kit can be an economical and straightforward solution for those already owning and enjoying riding their bicycle. Converting is usually cheaper than purchasing a new e-bike altogether.

Bafang front hub motor and battery mounted to the bottom bracket area so your current setup remains unchanged; however, this does add some weight.


Electric bike kits can make life much simpler for riders who struggle to make it up steep hills or have disabilities that prevent them from pedaling enough hard enough, an e-bike motor could be just what is needed to help.

There are various electric bicycle conversion kit options available, and selecting one depends on both your budget and mechanical skill set. Front hub motors tend to be less costly while mid-drive motors typically provide greater range and power compared to their front hub counterparts.

For an easy electric bicycle conversion kit, the Swytch kit makes things simple by only requiring you to switch out your existing front wheel for one that already contains an electric hub-mounted motor and battery unit. Additionally, this battery weighs only 1.2 kilograms so it will never interfere with riding your bike!

Other manufacturers also provide rear hub motor conversion kits, ideal for those wanting to power their bike with both pedaling and braking power. While installing these conversions may be slightly more complex, such as making sure your existing bike has sufficient spacing between its wheel and hub for installation, some manufacturers (ebikeling specifically) offer comprehensive instructions and video demonstrations of how they work whereas others provide no customer support whatsoever.


Similar to cars, electric bikes also have a range – the distance they can travel on one charge – which should be taken into account when choosing a conversion kit. A high quality battery may cost as much or more than the motor itself so it is important that a reliable brand supports their product with a history of reliable performance.

Bafang offers one of the more well-recognized electric bike conversion kits on the market today, providing front hub based motors if mid motor systems don’t suit you. Although you can purchase it without battery capacity – we suggest considering their range of amp hour power packs instead for optimal results.

Another option is the Swytch conversion kit, which utilizes a front wheel equipped with a hub motor and removable power pack. We found it provides a natural ride feel, can reach 15mph UK/20mph US legal eBike speeds, and boasts up to 50km range!

There’s also the TongSheng version, which puts its motor and battery under your saddle for more discreet operation. Here, you have two models to choose from – cadence-based or torque sensor powered. Cadence detects your pedaling motion and adds power proportional to how much assistance is chosen while torque sensor models have greater torque output, offering 36Nm to 80Nm maximum outputs respectively.


An electric bike kit can be used on numerous bicycle models. This conversion can transform mountain bikes, road bikes, cruiser bicycles, fixies and BMXs into electric bikes; trikes and recumbents may also use this type of conversion kit. Many consider this option more sustainable than purchasing new bikes as it helps reduce waste associated with discarding functional bikes while at the same time lessening environmental impacts associated with production and transport of new bikes.

Additionally, an e-bike kit can be equipped with front and rear lights to improve visibility in low light conditions – vital both for safety and compliance with local traffic policies. Furthermore, an e-bike can come equipped with a horn to communicate intentions to other cyclists as well as warn pedestrians of its presence.

The power of an e-bike kit varies, depending on its manufacturer. Some kits contain hub motors which mount in each wheel for torque and speed assistance, while other have crank-driven motors attached to pedals which increase range during your ride. Lithium-ion batteries typically can be charged within 3 hours with an estimated range of up to 60 km.


An electric bike conversion kit is an effective way to enhance any existing bicycle, adding power and range for use over challenging terrain or traffic jams. Particularly popular among mountain bikers who can traverse steep hills more efficiently or commuters who wish to bypass traffic jams. Installation must be performed correctly to ensure its safe and reliable operation; many e-bikes feature disc brakes for extra stopping power as well as front/rear lights powered by batteries for added illumination.

Wear the appropriate safety gear when riding an e-bike, especially at higher speeds. A properly fitting helmet can protect you from head injuries caused by its higher speeds; consider purchasing one with reflective stripes so motorists can see you more easily on the road.

Always wear brightly-colored clothing when riding, and consider using reflective tape or flashing lights to increase visibility. A horn or bell can also serve to inform pedestrians of your presence. Furthermore, ensure to power down your e-bike before parking it – this prevents accidental brushing against the throttle lever turning on its motor!

As you ride your e-bike, keep an eye out for any signs of damage or cracks to its frame or suspension components. If any problems are detected, seek professional repairs immediately before continuing with your ride.

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