Electric Bicycles Near Me

If you’re shopping for an electric bike, prioritize those with appealing aesthetics and features that make the ride safer. In addition, take into consideration which class of e-bike you prefer.

Our Charge City, Comfort and XC models come fully-equipped with fenders, lights and cargo racks – and their weights include battery weight.


E-bikes allow riders to pedal farther and faster with minimal physical effort, making them ideal for commuters in cities such as NYC with extensive bike lanes and routes.

Under former Mayor Bill de Blasio, New York has added over 150 miles of on-street protected bike lanes using parked cars as barriers against traffic, leading to an explosion of biking popularity; with electric bikes helping fuel this growth; they’re being used by delivery workers bearing take-out orders, sight-seers on Citi Bike, and families as e-cargo bikes.

City officials estimate the city now boasts over 5,000 electric bikes in their e-bike fleet, up from 2,700 last year. These bikes can reach speeds of 20mph with motor-assisted pedaling mode or 25mph when operated solely throttle-powered; additionally they feature battery capacities of 500 watt-hours.

E-bike riders can select from an extensive variety of styles and sizes to meet their individual riding needs. Some models feature internal batteries integrated into the frame while others use external ones that make charging easy. Most e-bikes allow riders to customize motor assist level as well as setting for hill climbing and eco modes to extend battery life, and typically feature handlebar mounted power displays which show exactly how much electricity is being consumed by the rider.


Even when not looking for an intense workout, electric bicycles offer plenty of recreational possibilities. E-bikes are typically designed with comfort in mind, such as featuring an upright seating position and larger tires to absorb bumps on your journey. Furthermore, many models contain small motors which power their wheels while pedaling, so that more vigorous rides don’t wear you down so quickly.

E-bikes provide a convenient and efficient means of traveling around town, ideal for navigating crowded streets and bike paths alike. In New York, e-bikes are permitted on subways and busses with bike racks for them; on Staten Island Ferry service as long as a separate battery pack is brought along.

E-bikes have become a growing trend in mountain biking and road cycling circles over recent years, providing extra assistance with steep hills or covering long distances. Their growing popularity can be attributed to several factors including increased access to dockless bikeshare services offering them, as well as state laws changing to permit their use on trails.

Many people purchase e-bikes specifically to take advantage of bike trails, and these tools can be a fantastic way to exercise outside with friends or family members. However, it’s essential that riders adhere to all trail regulations when riding an e-bike on them and adhere to safe speeds when riding them on trails.


Exploring new trails, sightseeing or working out – electric bikes make all of these activities possible. From high-end mountain bikes to budget models that save on fuel and maintenance costs – there’s an electric bike out there that suits every lifestyle and budget.

An ideal e-bike should feature sturdy tires with ample clearance to handle dirt roads and steep hills, as well as a suspension fork to smooth out the ride and provide greater control at higher speeds. Furthermore, for additional visibility purposes you should include bright headlights as well as taillights and reflectors on its frame.

Most e-bikes feature integrated batteries to make them look sleeker and more like traditional non-assist bikes, and typically feature locks to prevent theft while providing quick removal for transportation or storage purposes.

For the optimal e-bike experience, select a purpose-built electric model (not converted from another model). These bikes are lighter and built specifically to tackle specific tasks; and often come with longer warranties than regular bicycles. However, just like with computers, maintaining these complex systems often requires advanced knowledge and special tools; therefore it is advisable to visit a family-owned bike shop that specializes in electric bicycles; you’ll receive unparalleled support over time from them!


Visit Brooklyn’s Wheelie & Cross for a selection of e-bikes at competitive rates, where their knowledgeable staff will assist in finding your ideal electric bicycle. Plus, they offer test rides and accessories to enhance the riding experience – making purchasing an e-bike simple and straightforward!

New York State allows electric bicycles that do not fall under any category – motorcycle, limited use motorcycle, moped or ATV registration requirements – to operate on certain streets and highways without registration requirements. When riding such an e-bike on public streets or highways it must be worn with a helmet; its motor size and battery capacity determine its maximum speed; generally speaking larger engines and batteries provide higher speeds with longer riding ranges; depending on their design some e-bikes feature batteries integrated directly into their frame for easier charging, while others feature removable batteries to increase versatility when riding public roads or highways.

NYC DOT should not aid Amazon’s wasteful e-commerce by permitting wider cargo electric vehicles to cruise the sidewalks and bike lanes, already overrun with things such as motorized scooters, people cycling the wrong way and regular cyclists unable to pass them due to their width. Instead, they should focus on fixing streets that are congested with cars, trucks and buses as well as making sure Citibikes, bikes, e-bikes and mopeds follow all laws outlined.

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