Electric Bicycle Conversion Kit

Electric bicycle conversion kits are an increasingly popular solution for people who wish to experience the advantages of an e-bike without investing in an entirely new bike. Unfortunately, however, these conversion kits can be costly and require extensive mechanical knowledge for proper installation.

No matter your cycling goals – from commuter to outdoor enthusiast – there are kits tailored to fit each goal.


Price for bike conversion kits depends on how much power you desire for it, with options like crank driven systems and hub motors being among those available. Some can even be fitted to multiple bikes if necessary – although crank driven systems typically require bottom bracket width of between 68-73mm for optimal operation; on the other hand hub motors tend to work on most frames.

Another consideration should be how easy it will be to install the conversion kit onto your existing bicycle. While some kits are straightforward and require only minimal modifications to your bike frame, others can be more complex. If you are uncomfortable working on your own bike, seek assistance from a local mechanic with this process.

Conversion kits will add weight to your bike. This is especially true if you opt for a mid-drive system; some weigh as much as 9kg! Furthermore, adding throttle control means your bike must be registered as a moped which may increase insurance costs significantly.


An electric bike differs from traditional bicycles in that it features a small motor to assist pedalling, along with a battery to store energy and a control panel with display capabilities for speed, assist level and other information. E-bikes are more energy-efficient than their counterparts and can travel further on one charge; additionally they can help to climb hills more easily.

There are various electric bike conversion kits available, but it’s essential that you conduct thorough research before selecting one. Some kits can add up to 25 pounds to the weight of your bike; as well, make sure that its frame can withstand this additional burden of motor and battery components.

Voliamart rear wheel hub motor conversion kits offer an inexpensive and straightforward conversion solution, featuring five power levels. Furthermore, this motor doesn’t interfere with current gearing configurations or fit multiple wheel sizes – something not offered by most other kits on the market today.

ARCC mid drive motor systems can also be easily fitted onto either the front or rear of your bike for convenient installation, although they do make the front heavy. Compatible with disc or rim brakes and with Bosch Power Tool batteries for use. Their motor can be adjusted from 250 to 750 watts to suit individual preferences.


Electric bikes help reduce our carbon footprint by reducing air pollution and congestion while offering riders with a convenient transportation alternative. Their benefits go far beyond personal transportation needs as they help fight climate change and promote a greener future for all. Conversion kits offer a cost-effective alternative to buying an entirely new e-bike.

E-bike conversion kits feature several safety features to prevent overspeeding or unintended acceleration, such as throttle and battery controls, throttle limiters and smart integration which enables riders to monitor the performance and customize settings of their e-bike via smartphone – also making it easy to find and follow routes for biking enthusiasts.

Conversion kits provide the same riding experience as traditional bicycles, so selecting a kit compatible with your frame size, components and wiring is critical for optimal rider experience. Furthermore, professional consultation should always be sought to ensure proper installation and compatibility.

Conversion kits provide several other advantages over buying new e-bikes, beyond safety features. First of all, it is cheaper and provides the same riding experience; additionally it requires no registration or licensing; plus it helps avoid theft as thieves will likely avoid targeting something that looks similar to regular bikes.


No matter why you purchase an e-bike – to help with hills or just add an enjoyable riding experience – keeping it clean and running smoothly will always be top of mind. A simple solution for that is lubricating its chain regularly with quality lubricant; options exist specifically designed for wet and dry seasons as well.

Add an electric bike conversion kit to your bike for all the advantages of an e-motor without incurring the expense of purchasing an entirely new bicycle. Many e-bike kits are designed to be easy and straightforward installation – simple bolt-on systems like Rubbee X require just that step while more complicated systems may involve replacing wheels/hubs and wiring in battery pack/controller units and controllers for setup.

Before making your purchase of a conversion kit, it is essential to read its instructions closely to make sure it will fit your bike properly. Some kits, like Bafang’s mid-drive motor system, require that the fork dropouts meet certain width requirements – this may present problems for older bikes that were never intended to accommodate an electric drive system.

Consider also that an e-bike may attract thieves more readily than traditional bicycles do – more than 77,000 bicycles were reported stolen in 2021 alone in the US alone! So it would be prudent to take steps to safeguard your new e-bike.

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