Electra Bicycle Company Moves Headquarters Close to the Beach

Electra was responsible for popularizing modern cruiser bikes again. These fun rides make for great beach and bike path riding experiences; their top seller being the Townie Go Electra model – even Miley Cyrus owns one!

Their innovative Flat Foot Technology allows riders to plant both feet flat on the ground for easier and more stable cycling, creating more stylish and comfortable bikes in addition to being stylish themselves.

Founded in 1993

Since 1993 in San Diego, Electra has grown into one of America’s leading bicycle lifestyle brands. Their bikes are well known for their innovative designs and comfortable riding positions; additionally they offer accessories to customize your bike (e.g. basket or mirror to add style). Furthermore, Electra even provides kids’ bikes!

Benno Baenziger and Jeano Erforth established the company in 1993 when cruiser bikes seemed doomed to disappear forever. Inspired by hot rod and rockabilly culture, they set out to design bikes that would draw cyclists as well as car enthusiasts into a conversation – soon becoming mainstays on sunny boardwalks, city streets, and neighborhood streets throughout the US.

Electra continues to push the limits of design, comfort and style with each bike they produce. Nowadays, they have several collections tailored towards specific types of riders such as Cruiser for casual cruising while Loft collection provides more suitable solutions for urban riding. And for those needing assistance to reach their destination faster Electra also offer electric bikes!

Electra bikes are built from top-quality components and boast innovative designs. Their frame allows the rider to sit up more comfortably while remaining connected to the ground over bumps or rough terrain, and their goal is to make cycling an accessible, fun, and healthy lifestyle choice for people of all ages.

Their bikes are built to last and feature an array of colors and styles for you to select. Plus, they’re UL listed and undergo significant in-house testing to ensure safety. Finally, Electra’s website boasts an online store so that customers can browse their bikes directly from the manufacturer.

Two German entrepreneurs founded Electra Bikes with an intent of reinventing beach cruisers. Their initial model, Townie, quickly became one of their best-selling models – making riding cool for novice riders! Soon celebrities started riding them too and soon Tulsa-based indie rock band Hanson even did an entire photo shoot dedicated to their Electras in 2008.

Located in Encinitas California

Electra’s new location near the beach will help them reintegrate with coastal living they began with. Furthermore, access to public transportation will make getting to work simpler for employees. San Diego architectural firm Luce et Studio was hired to design this space that will become their global headquarters, replacing their previous Vista facility.

The new facility will house a showroom, meeting rooms and offices for employees. The company hopes to open it by fall; 1010 Coast Highway in Newport Beach will be approximately 18 miles from Vista where their current location lies.

Electra offers more than the classic beach cruiser. One such bike is called Ponto Go!, named for Carlsbad’s North Ponto beach. This Class 3 bicycle uses pedal power and throttle to reach 26 mph; its large display panel shows battery life information as well as rotating to reduce glare.

Electra brand bikes are an excellent way to have both fun and exercise when riding bikes. Since 1993 when their company was first founded in Carlsbad, California, their offerings have expanded considerably; beach cruisers, commuter bikes, folding bikes and children’s bicycles can now all be found among its offerings; their products can be found through independent bike shops or retail outlets.

Electra’s top-selling bike, the Townie, allows riders to sit more upright. Equipped with an efficient hub motor and rear rack battery system that makes riding on city streets simple, its lightweight frame has been specially crafted to accommodate riders of various body types comfortably, and customization and upgrades are readily available with optional accessories.

All Electra bikes include one year of free adjustments for derailleur and brake adjustment, lateral wheel truing, front/rear derailleur bearing adjustments and headset bearing adjustments – however this does not cover replacement or installation of components or accessories.

Designed in San Diego

The Electra company began in 1993 in Vista, California when two German entrepreneurs named Benno Banziger and Jeano Erforth established it. Although originally intended as lifestyle apparel salesmen, their first cruiser bicycle proved a tremendous success and helped set in motion modern cruiser bicycles that are so widely popular today – featuring comfortable upright riding positions and custom bend handlebars with custom bend handlebars for custom bend handling. Their bikes can be found both urban settings as well as roads; many come equipped with baskets or racks designed specifically to carry bags!

The Townie, Electra’s best-selling bike, is an iconic beach cruiser designed for riders who prioritize style and comfort when riding their bicycles. Using flat foot technology, its flat seat technology enables riders to sit upright instead of being forced into an awkward hunched posture; furthermore it comes in various colors to fit your taste as well as offering wide cushioned seat for added support.

Electra recently expanded their lineup of bikes with an e-bike collection called Ponto Go!, named for North Ponto Beach in Carlsbad. This bike looks similar to traditional beach cruisers but comes equipped with an electronic component near its handlebars as well as a Bosch brand motor for powering pedal-assist riding up to 40 miles per hour.

Electra Bicycle Company’s headquarters are just two blocks from Moonlight Beach in Encinitas, providing year-round inspiration for their designs. Their staff takes great pleasure in crafting bikes that are stylish yet practical and enjoyable to ride. Electra Bicycle Company strives to transform the bicycle industry by creating bikes that are comfortable, fun and durable for everyone. Customers can shop Electra bicycles online or from local retailers; custom orders can also be placed where customers can select paint color and accessories such as baskets, bells, cup holders or lights for personalization purposes – making every Electra bike an original part of your collection!

Made in Germany

Electra Bicycle Company is an American bike manufacturer specializing in electric bike models. Their bikes feature modern designs with quality components and Bosch drive units to offer riders a fun yet casual riding experience; some popular Electra e-bike models are Townie Go, Vale Go and Vale Go!

Benno Baenziger and Jean Erforth of Germany founded Electra Bicycle Company in 1993 with their dream of creating bikes that were comfortable, stylish, and affordably priced – something they accomplished with the Electra model that could transport users anywhere they needed to go in town or to the beach.

One of the first things you will notice about an Electra bicycle is their unique design. Their Flat Foot Technology places the saddle behind pedals, giving riders full leg extension while relieving strain on knees and back. Furthermore, this system eliminates shifting gears while climbing hills – something no other brand offers!

Electra offers more than just its distinctive frame design – its accessories add another level of enjoyment for riders! They include baskets, racks and lights to further personalize each ride experience. Furthermore, with various colors to select from and sizes tailored to accommodate riders of all ages Electra provides something for every rider’s unique needs and personalities.

Electra Bicycles have been one of the premier cruiser bike manufacturers for more than two decades, currently owned by Trek Bicycles and operating as usual before their acquisition by Trek Bicycles. Trek has an established track record of successfully acquiring smaller bike companies like Bontrager Klein Lemond Fisher as part of this model of business acquisition; their acquisition demonstrates their belief in their innovative potential and growth capabilities. Electra’s success can be attributed to this strategy of business acquisition by Trek as they allow these smaller brands to continue running as before their acquisition by Trek Bicycles ownership has allowed its success as well as supporting Trek’s overall business operations – something Bontrager Klein Lemond Lemond Fisher did before becoming part of their empire – another successful business strategy adopted by Trek’s acquisition history; Bontrager Klein Lemond Gary Fisher have all acquired by Trek; this shows they believe in these smaller bike brands’ value while continuing operations as before acquisition by Trek.

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