Dakota Lithium Battery

Dakota Lithium batteries provide safe and reliable energy that can be charged quickly. With their high energy density and long lifespan, Dakota Lithium batteries make an excellent addition to renewable energy systems while being lightweight and compact for easy handling and installation.

This battery offers double the power, half the weight, and five times longer lifespan than lead acid batteries in its group size. Designed specifically to run electronics while offering 400cca of engine starting power.

LiFePO4 technology

Dakota lithium batteries utilize Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) technology to provide numerous advantages over lead-acid alternatives. LiFePO4 batteries are safer, last longer, charge faster and contain fewer toxic chemicals, making them an excellent choice for marine applications, RVs and off-grid solar systems.

These batteries can handle high discharge rates, making them suitable for powering electronics and machinery requiring high power discharge rates. Furthermore, their flat voltage curve ensures their power output will not decrease over time, as well as being equipped with an inbuilt BMS system to protect against overcharging and overheating.

These batteries can withstand harsh environments, including vibration and mechanical stress, to operate without experiencing the usual wear and tear that would normally shorten their lifespans. Furthermore, their design makes them suitable for outdoor applications like camping and boating.

LiFePO4 batteries are more stable than cobalt-based lithium-ion batteries and less susceptible to thermal runaway, helping reduce fires and explosions associated with other forms of lithium batteries. Furthermore, their smaller footprint is more energy efficient than traditional lead-acid alternatives.

LiFePO4 batteries require specially tailored chargers designed for their unique chemistry. Standard lead-acid chargers may damage their cells, shortening their lifespan and performance. Furthermore, LiFePO4 batteries should be charged on an ongoing basis so as to prevent overcharging; this may present users with access to charging equipment with difficulty charging regularly without access to specialized facilities; battery manufacturers provide extensive product information and installation guides online as well as customer support resources for those without access to this type of charging equipment.


Dakota lithium batteries outshone lead-acid counterparts with their longevity and reliability due to advanced technology employed within them, providing excellent longevity. Plus, being lighter makes them much simpler to handle and install; making them perfect for marine applications or any use where weight may be an issue.

These batteries can power an array of electronic devices, from GPS units and fish finders to cell phones and MP3 players. Their consistent power output protects these devices against fluctuation that could interfere with functionality or accuracy while their durability allows them to withstand marine conditions.

Batteries offer many benefits to anglers who enjoy extended fishing trips, including their ability to retain charge over extended periods. Furthermore, these batteries can be charged quickly and conveniently so that they’re always ready for use when required.

This battery has a 7 ampere hour capacity and features an unmatched, eleven year manufacturer defect warranty. Additionally, its flat voltage curve keeps power output steady as discharge occurs–a feature perfect for trolling motors’ demanding needs. At 6.8 pounds it weighs 60% less than SLA batteries! Furthermore, its built-in heating element enhances performance in extreme cold environments while remaining UL1642 certified to comply with all US and international transportation regulations for air, ground, train and marine transport.

Rapid charging

If you want a faster battery charge, try switching over to a lithium-specific charger. They can charge your battery in half the time as an SLA, as well as providing steady power output while discharging. Plus, their internal voltage curve doesn’t drop as dramatically compared to an SLA battery.

Lithium ion batteries are ideal for marine use, where high amps must be provided over extended periods. Plus they boast lower temperature ranges than lead acid batteries while being more resistant to corrosion – plus being lightweight make them the perfect fit for boats and RVs!

Built Dakota tough with Lithium Iron Phosphate technology, this dual purpose 12V lithium ion battery offers twice the power, half the weight, and five times longer lifespan than traditional sealed lead acid batteries. Featuring premium deep cycle performance for running onboard electronics and 1,000 CCA engine starting power capabilities.

Operating Temperature: This battery is ideal for rugged & harsh environments, outperforming SLA or other lithium batteries in terms of performance. Ideal operating temps range between -20’F to +120’F; battery is expected to perform optimally even down to -20’F (but please avoid charging below 32’F).

Built for outdoor use and covered by our best in class 11 year warranty, this powerful battery is built for outdoor use on boats or RVs. Boasting 23 amp hours of capacity to power electronics all day long and compatibility with most trolling motors, its internal heat sink offers complete sealing against water infiltration while its lightweight frame makes mounting/removing effortless.

Environmentally friendly

Dakota Lithium batteries provide several environmental advantages that make them an ideal choice for marine applications, RVs, off-grid solar applications and electric vehicles. Their Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) chemistry is free of rare earth elements and heavy metals making them non-corrosive & non-toxic & high discharge rate suitable for demanding environments while their robust construction minimizes mechanical stress for an increased lifespan than traditional lead acid batteries.

These batteries require no maintenance and are completely safe to use in any position, while being recharged much more quickly than traditional lead-acid batteries which may lead to fire or explosions. Furthermore, their use in extreme temperatures makes them safer than their lead counterparts that could result in fire or explosion risks.

These batteries are environmentally-friendly due to the absence of hazardous materials and higher efficiency than their lead-acid counterparts. Furthermore, they are less expensive than traditional batteries while boasting longer lifespans – helping protect our environment from excessive waste production. Furthermore, these batteries can even be safely shipped by air or sea for safe usage in harsh environments.

Built for Dakota toughness, this battery employs cutting-edge LiFePO4 cells to deliver double the power of a typical SLA at half its weight. Boasting up to 2,000 recharge cycles and performing optimally in temperatures as low as 20 degrees Fahrenheit, its lightweight design improves power distribution aboard boats while increasing maneuverability in challenging marine settings. Plus its resistance to vibrations and shocks make it a perfect fit for marine use – not to mention easy installation and quick charging capabilities so your hobby won’t get interrupted midway.


Dakota Lithium’s sustainable energy products offer people all over the globe cost-effective transportation and long-lasting power solutions at an economical cost. Their lithium iron phosphate technology not only offers durable power storage options but is also much safer than traditional lead acid batteries.

They offer world-class lithium battery systems for RVs, home solar installations, boats, electric vehicles and more. Their lithium batteries boast benefits including high capacity, low self-discharge and rapid charging as well as being lighter than traditional batteries while offering an eleven year manufacturer defect warranty.

The DL 100Ah is an ideal deep cycle 12V battery for trolling motors and other marine applications where weight is at a premium. Crafted with legendary LiFePO4 cells, its flat voltage curve provides reliable power throughout its lifespan while integrated CAN bus data output and internal even-heat technology help optimize performance even under extreme cold conditions.

This battery boasts double the power, half its weight, and 5X longer lifespan than traditional lead acid or AGM batteries, offering exceptional long-term value. Perfect for boats, RVs, campers or starting small engines such as motorcycles or snowmobiles.

Dakota Lithium batteries are designed and built in the US according to ISO 9001:2015 engineering standards, using advanced lithium ion technology and strict quality control as key differentiating factors from competitors. Furthermore, their products have received ISO 14001 certification demonstrating their commitment to environmental sustainability – plus the DL battery has an extended temperature operating range to make use more convenient in various environments.

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