Electra Bicycle Company

Electra Bicycle Company’s playful approach to bicycles has won the hearts of both young and old alike, offering bikes that suit any lifestyle perfectly.

Utilizing contract manufacturers enables Electra to significantly lower production costs and boost profits, as well as limit emissions and energy consumption to create an eco-friendly business model.

Kevin Cox finds it thrilling to observe vintage Townies riding through picturesque canals in Holland, but sees an even brighter future for pedal-assist e-bikes, which have become his company’s best-selling product.

Electra is a bicycle company

Electra bikes are built to be comfortable and enjoyable rides. Choose from their selection of models with customizable fenders and baskets to meet your personal style, or add an accent such as bell. Electra’s long wheelbase provides great stability at higher speeds while their longer turning radius enables easy turns in tight spaces; plus their comfortable handlebars let riders sit up straight without hunching over, perfect for relaxed and enjoyable rides.

Established by Benno Banzinger and Jeano Erforth in 1993 in Vista, California, Electra bicycles has designed a wide variety of modern cruiser bicycles since 1993. Their signature collections are Townie, Cruiser Loft and Go! e-bikes – bikes that have proven particularly popular with hipsters who use them regularly and even appear in fashion shoots!

Electra’s e-bikes utilize a rear hub motor with three levels of pedal assist for smooth and consistent pedal assist power delivery, unlike some other motors which may feel jumpy or eager to speed up quickly; unlike its competitors such as Bosch’s drive system. Furthermore, its motor is quieter than most others e-bike motors; plus its control unit lacks features like speedometer or odometer but has plenty of LED lights to indicate battery level and power settings.

Electra is a brand

Electra Bicycle Company of the US manufactures cruiser bikes and provides accessories to its riders, designed to be both comfortable and fun to ride. They offer styles for both men and women riders. Established by Benno Banziger and Jeano Erforth in 1993, Electra’s first model, known as Townie was an upright modern cruiser which proved their first best-seller and helped bring back cruiser biking popularity.

Electra began as a manufacturer of cruiser bikes but has expanded to produce electric bikes as well. Their latest E-Bike is named for North Ponto Beach in Carlsbad and can utilize both pedal and battery power to reach up to 26 miles per hour – boasting plenty of riding modes! Electra says their latest e-bike is extremely fun and versatile!

Electra Bicycle Company also produces a line of children’s bikes with colorful designs suitable for all ages. Their bikes include baskets, bells and mirrors – as well as clothing and helmets to match. You can purchase your new Electra bike online from Mystic Cycle Centre who are an official dealer offering these bikes!

Electra is a company

Electra Bicycle Company produces bikes designed for cruising. Their Townie bike was an instant hit and went on to become the best-selling one nationwide; its unique upright seating design allowed riders to sit more upright without being forced into being hunched over, providing a much more enjoyable ride than before and inspiring many previously inactive people to get involved again with cycling – which was great news for both them and for cycling as an industry overall.

Electra bikes reflect this playful attitude with their wide variety of bicycles suitable for casual cyclists to more experienced bikers alike. Townie bikes remain its flagship product; however, Cruiser lines, Loft collections, and Go! e-bikes also exist within its roster.

No matter if it’s brunch with friends, pedaling through your neighborhood, or taking your kids to the park Electra cruiser bikes provide a versatile means of transport that is both simple and safe to operate. Plus, these cruisers are built to offer comfortable rides!

Electra maintains an impressive presence on social media, with an engaged customer community that loves its products. Their Facebook group “Electra Love” boasts over 3,400 members who regularly share experiences and express their passion for Electra products and company. Plus, you can even get help from their customer service team!

Electra is a bike

Electra Bicycle Company offers an impressive variety of modern cruiser bikes. Additionally, Electra designs and sells comfort bicycles as well as hybrid bicycles – as well as offering accessories and apparel specifically tailored for its bikes. As such, Electra has earned itself an excellent global reputation for producing innovative products.

Since 1993, Electra has become one of the best-selling leisure bike brands in America. Their patented Flat Foot Technology and unique style allow riders of all ages to enjoy riding. Based out of San Diego California with two blocks from Moonlight Beach as their testing grounds; Electra continues to impress consumers worldwide!

Electra Bicycle Company’s primary mission is promoting healthy lifestyles while being environmentally-friendly. Their manufacturing processes aim to minimize carbon emissions while using renewable energy to power its facilities and reducing waste production.

Our company fosters an ideal work culture and cultivates creativity among employees. Employees are given the autonomy they need to meet company goals, with rewards given out for achievements. Furthermore, employees enjoy various benefits like health and wellness programs, flexible work schedules, discounts on Electra bicycles and accessories and discounts off them too!

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