Advantages of a Lithium Battery For Motorcycle

Lithium Battery For Motorcycle are quickly replacing lead acid batteries as the preferred choice among motorcycle enthusiasts, often known by their chemical name LiFePO4. Rechargeable lithium batteries offer several advantages over their more traditional counterparts.

One of the greatest advantages of Li-ion batteries is their reduced weight; this can be particularly advantageous to riders looking to trim weight from their bikes.


Lithium Battery For Motorcycle offer lighter and smaller solutions compared to their lead-acid counterparts found on most bikes, while their density makes them an excellent choice for motorcycles where space is at a premium. You’ll find pouch-shaped lithium batteries as the lightest choice.

Lithium batteries feature lower self-discharge rates and are better equipped to deal with cold climates than their lead-acid counterparts, leading to reduced maintenance for riders as well as more comfortable rides overall. While a good lithium battery may cost more upfront, its benefits outweigh this slight inconvenience.

Lithium batteries must be charged using special chargers because their chemical makeup requires it. Otherwise, they could become irreparably damaged from being charged using traditional battery chargers, while they also need protection circuitry to safeguard them against current surges and extreme temperatures.

As such, it is advised to purchase lithium-ion batteries from a well-known brand manufacturer to ensure you receive premium quality batteries. You should also do research before opting for cheaper options as some low-end manufacturers purchase rejected cells from name brand companies at significantly reduced costs and sell them under-priced as bargain basement priced lithium cells that may fail and pose safety hazards to riders.

Lithium Battery For Motorcycle typically take longer to go flat than their lead-acid counterparts when left unused for several weeks, which could pose problems for riders who regularly store their bike away in a shed or garage for extended periods. Luckily, most lithium batteries come equipped with built-in jump-starting capability which can save the day when starting up your ride again if necessary – features which also make lithium batteries ideal choices for enduro and dirt bikes which experience multiple crashes, tipping overs and other forms of abuse which could destroy a normal lead-acid battery.

Longer Lifespan

Lithium batteries typically outlive their lead-acid counterparts due to reduced maintenance requirements and storage in cooler, dryer environments. If properly maintained, lithium batteries have an 8 year life span compared to 2-3 for traditional lead-acid ones.

Lithium batteries tend to charge much quicker than traditional lead acid batteries, enabling more frequent recharges that reduce power bills while prolonging battery lifespan even further. Furthermore, this means your bike can be up and running much sooner – perfect for riders on the go.

Lithium batteries offer another benefit in their resistance to self-discharge, meaning that they keep their charge longer than traditional batteries if your motorcycle sits for extended periods without being used. If this is your plan, however, be sure to disconnect its charging source or charge your battery at least every few months.

Lithium batteries can provide greater cranking amps than traditional batteries, providing more reliable performance overall. Furthermore, lithium batteries help ensure that electronics on your bike run at an appropriate voltage level for increased reliability overall.

Lithium batteries don’t recover quickly from deep discharges like lead-acid batteries, and therefore must be handled carefully to avoid damaging them.

One effective way of preventing this problem is using a lithium battery with an integrated jumpstart function, which can come in handy should you find yourself stranded on your ride and saves you from needing expensive battery chargers or an entirely new battery altogether. In addition, applying power draw on the battery for several minutes prior to trying to start it may warm it up more efficiently and increase how much electricity it delivers.

More Cranking Amps

LiFePO4 batteries have slowly gained in popularity among motorcycle enthusiasts as an alternative solution to lead-acid. LiFePO4 offers several advantages while at the same time sidestepping some of the drawbacks associated with traditional battery technology.

One of the main advantages of lithium batteries is their increased power density, which provides more cranking amps per weight compared to OEM lead-acid batteries – making them suitable for high performance engines or riders who rely heavily on electrical accessories like heated riding gear, intercoms and stereo systems.

Lithium batteries also retain their charge longer, making them an attractive option for riders taking extended winter breaks and not wanting their battery charge going flat during that period of inactivity.

Lithium Battery For Motorcycle offer another important advantage over SLA batteries: They do not suffer from self-discharge. This means you won’t need to charge it as frequently, meaning your bike can sit idle in your garage without fear of running out of juice!

Lithium batteries also offer the advantage of being charged faster than SLA batteries; typically taking approximately an hour instead of the 2-4 hours it might take an SLA battery to charge completely.

SLA batteries cannot withstand temperatures below freezing; this makes lithium batteries ideal for riding off-road or in mountainous regions where temperatures can dip well below that threshold. A SLA battery may freeze and deteriorate quickly while lithium ones will only gradually lose capacity over time.

Antigravity Batteries provides high quality lithium motorcycle batteries to meet any application, including Hi-Performance/Race Motors. Our batteries deliver up to three times more cranking amps compared to lead/acid equivalents and come in multiple sizes and mounting options so you can find just the right battery for you and your motorcycle.

Less Space

Lithium motorcycle batteries offer many advantages over their lead-acid counterparts, including being significantly lighter – often saving more than half their weight! This weight savings can make an incredible difference for riders attempting to reduce every last ounce off their bikes – particularly sportbikes, where lithium batteries often save several pounds that can have a dramatic effect on handling and acceleration.

Lithium batteries are smaller than their lead-acid counterparts, helping save space on the frame. While still producing ample power, lithium cells are easier to pack into tight spaces – particularly beneficial in sportbike applications where space may be scarcer.

Lithium Battery For Motorcycle also boast a lower self-discharge rate than their lead counterparts, meaning they don’t require frequent charging sessions and save both time and effort by not needing to be maintained as closely. When buying one of these lithium-based batteries, make sure that it comes equipped with its own charger to ensure optimal health over time. This way you’ll ensure it remains in top shape without spending so much time taking care of it yourself.

Last but not least, lithium batteries offer another key benefit over lead-acid ones: no acid will leak out if a damage or overcharge occurs and this makes lithium cells much safer to store as they may be sensitive to temperature and other environmental factors.

If you are considering upgrading your bike with lithium batteries, we have several options for you to select from. These batteries will fit many makes and models of motorcycles; simply find which fits best! Be sure to consider physical fitment, charging system health and intended use before making your choice; we look forward to helping you find your new ride!

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